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IMM Colloquium by Thomas Boltje: 'Carbohydrates: the solution to all of our problems?' (Lecture)

Tuesday 26 November 2019Add to my calendar
from 16:00
dr. Thomas Boltje (Synthetic Organic Chemistry)
Preceding lecture
Anne Swartjes (Molecular Nanotechnology): ''The Quest to Data Storage on Polymers: Using Porphyrin Cage Catalysts''

Thomas BoltjeCarbohydrates are the most abundant biomolecules on Earth and a major source of energy powering life. In addition, complex carbohydrates called glycans are presented at the cellular surface and regulate cell-cell recognition and communication, immune responses and differentiation. Glycans also play an important role in diseases such as pathogenic infection and cancer.

Due to their central role in biology, my group aims to develop and use chemistry to utilize carbohydrates for a range of applications. For example, we use carbohydrate chemistry to fight cancer and bacterial infection, study food allergy and use it to develop biomarkers for metabolic diseases. Furthermore, we develop new carbohydrate chemistry to produce complex glycans which can be used as vaccines.

prof. Floris Rutjes