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Theme 1 colloquium: "Methodological NMR Developments with Applications to Molecules and Materials" (Lecture)

Tuesday 7 March 2017Add to my calendar
from 16:00
prof. Arno Kentgens

Arno Kentgens-DvA-150542LRSolid-state NMR has developed into a powerful tool for obtaining detailed information about the structure, order and dynamics in functional materials. The high external magnetic fields that have become available for NMR, combined with small diameter fast Magic-Angle Spinning (MAS) rotors, have made it possible to acquire well-resolved NMR spectra of many functional materials ranging from catalysts, bio(-mimetic) polymers, engineering and high-performance plastics, and materials for energy storage (batteries) and conversion (solar cells). 
A major disadvantage of NMR is its relative insensitivity. Therefore we have been pioneering the miniaturization of MAS probes allowing the study of material volumes down to tens of nanoliters. We introduced the stripline geometry which has a favorable sensitivity and scalability for the study of thin films but is also relevant for NMR in a microfluidic context. The sensitivity of NMR experiments can be further increased by transferring polarization from electron spins to the nuclei of interest in the sample. We have developed new approaches towards this so-called Dynamic Nuclear Polarization, in both solids and supercritical liquids.
In this lecture these novel methodological developments will be presented with specific applications in various fields of functional materials research.

dr. Joost Bakker / dr. Gilles de Wijs