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Theme 2: "Chemically Engineered architectures for nano- and micro-motors" (Lecture)

Thursday 15 June 2017Add to my calendar
from 11:00
prof. Samuel Sánchez (IBEC / ICREA, Barcelona, Spain)

Samuel Sanchez juni2017Micro/nano-motors (MNM) capable of autonomous motion have been envisioned as tools in future nano-biomedicine. Mesoporous silica nanoparticles (MSNPs) have been widely explored for drug/gene delivery for cancer therapy both in vitro and in vivo over the last decade, in virtue of unique mesoporous structure, tunable nano-size, and biocompatibility.
Here, via self-assembly of nano-sized MSNPs, combined with catalysis and bio-catalysis, we engineered mesoporous MNM as active carriers. The nanopores of the MSNPs with internal pore diameter about 2-3 nm can be utilized for drug loading and delivery in large quantity. The nano-micro-motors’ size is tunable from 40 nm up to 2 µm.
Several configuration have been engineered, from half coated nanoparticles, hollow nanomotors, capsule-like micromotors, and hybrid nano-micromotors containing enzymes onto the nano-architecture. Nanotubular and micro-tubular motors based on mesoporous materials were also fabricated. These smart nano-bio-devices are capable of actively transport and deliver small cargo molecules, like anti-cancer drugs, to specific sites. Their motion can be guided externally by magnetic fields, among others. The sustained release of drug molecules from these mesoporous MNM indicates great potential of using them for active target drug delivery in future biomedical applications.

Evan Spruijt and Peter Korevaar