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Theme 2 colloquium: "A New Rapid and Traceless Click Chemistry Reaction for Bioconjugation" (Lecture)

Tuesday 11 July 2017Add to my calendar
from 16:00

Muhammad Yousaf july2017.png
The Yousaf Group’s research program is interdisciplinary in nature and currently focuses on 4 separate research programs based in chemistry that interface organic, bioanalytical, chemical biology and biomaterials research. Students and postdoctoral research associates working in the group are exposed to many diverse research areas that encompass analytical chemistry, synthetic chemistry, material science, live–cell highresolution microscopy, biochemistry and cell biology tools among many other techniques. Although we are broadly interested in several research areas, the main long‐term research goal is to interface chemistry and material science with cell biology to study a range of complex processes related to cell behavior, to develop bioanalytical tools for various biotechnologies and to develop and employ biomaterials for regenerative medicine applications.

Evan Spruijt and Peter Korevaar