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IMM theme 2 colloquium by dr. Paul Kouwer entitled 'PIC hydrogels: Synthetic materials with biological properties' (Lecture)

Tuesday 9 October 2018Add to my calendar
from 16:00
dr. Paul Kouwer (Molecular Materials)

Paul KouwerCells and their direct surroundings obtain their stiffness and mechanical integrity through the presence of fibrous networks from for instance actin, fibrin and collagen. In water, these networks form gels with extraordinary properties. Even at low concentrations, they are sufficiently stiff. And they become much stiffer when they are deformed. In addition, biological gels are modified continuously by the cells, by changing the biopolymer concentration and adding or removing crosslinks. In contrast, synthetic gels are static, high density networks with small pores that often inhibit cell migration.

Some years ago, we developed a synthetic hydrogel (PIC) that uniquely displays the characteristics of biological gels. In our group, we study approaches how we can manipulate the mechanical properties of PIC gels and their composites. At the same time, we investigate how we can use these gels to manipulate cell behaviour. This presentation will give an outlook for this exceptional class of soft materials.

This lecture fits in the IMM Theme 2 – Chemistry of Complex Systems – colloquium series, in which researchers from IMM Theme 2 as well as high-profile researchers from outside Radboud University present work that is of interest to scientists across Theme 2. These lectures take place on the second Tuesday of every month and are open to everyone in who is interested.