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Theme 1 colloquium : "Thermal radiation of size-selected clusters in the gas phase" (Lecture)

Tuesday 2 October 2018Add to my calendar
from 16:00
Piero Ferrari (KU Leuven)

dr. Piero FerrariThe last few years, experiments on molecular beams have shown the relevance of radiation as a cooling mechanism of excited small clusters in the gas phase. To date, many cluster systems have been shown to radiate at surprisingly high rates, often presenting a very distinct size dependency. The consequences of an active radiative cooling channel are various, ranging from the production of size-selected nanoparticles to astrophysics; isolated molecules in the interstellar medium need to cool before condensing due to gravity and hence forming new planets and stars. Despite its relevance, there are still many open questions about the fundamental mechanism responsible for the radiative cooling process of clusters. Experimental results suggest a close relation between photon emission rates and the electronic structure of the clusters, although conventional theoretical calculations do not predict the electronic states that would explain the experimental observations. In this talk, recent discoveries on the decay mechanisms of small clusters will be discussed, together with the open questions and the current efforts to answer them.

dr. Joost Bakker