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Theme 2 colloquium: "Designed proteins to probe the intracellular environment" (Lecture)

Tuesday 11 September 2018Add to my calendar
from 16:00
Dr. Arnold Boersma ( DWI Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials, Aachen, Germany)

dr. Arnold BoersmaThe cellular interior is a very heterogeneous and nonideal solution, and consequently poorly characterized on the physicochemical level. Physicochemical parameters such as crowding and ionic strength are important however, and may for example alter protein folding pathways, the structure of protein assemblies, and induce higher levels of organization. To improve our understanding on the environment inside the cell, we aimed to develop protein probes. These probes allowed us to determine the ionic strength and macromolecular crowding directly inside living cells. Here, I will give detail on the design and functioning of such probes, and show data of what such probes could teach us about the intracellular environment.

dr. Peter Korevaar & dr. Evan Spruijt