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Theme 1 colloquium: 'Molecular Rotational Resonance spectroscopy: from molecular physics to analytical chemistry' (Lecture)

Tuesday 5 November 2019Add to my calendar
from 16:00
dr. Sergio Domingos (DESY Hamburg, Germany)

Sergio DomingosCatapulted by recent instrumental developments, a century old technique is rewriting the rules for fast and accurate molecular structure elucidation in the gas phase. Alternative routes for the identification and separation of components with analytical precision are being introduced, while at the same time the chirality of individual components within complex molecular mixtures can be confidently determined. Molecular Rotational Resonance (MRR) spectroscopy, has emerged with the advent of Chirped-pulse Fourier transform microwave (CP-FTMW) spectroscopy, and is the foundation of novel classes of microwave experiments, ranging from 3-wave mixing schemes for chirality detection and manipulation, to broadband chemical sensing for monitoring kinetics in the time domain, and automated identification and characterisation of chemical compounds. The potential of these methods is tremendous, with applications in both molecular physics as in a large scope of analytical chemistry applications. Ongoing work and future directions will be discussed.

prof. Bas van de Meerakker / dr. Gilles de Wijs