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Theme 1 colloquium: "Towards ultrafast dynamics in controlled molecules" (Lecture)

Tuesday 2 April 2019Add to my calendar
from 16:00
Dr. Daniel Horke (Spectroscopy of Cold Molecules)

Daniel HorkeTime-resolved photoelectron imaging (TR-PEI) has established itself as a powerful tool for studying ultrafast dynamics in the gas-phase, in particular excited-state non-adiabatic dynamics. Recent developments in ultrafast VUV sources, such as high-harmonic generation, now enable us to remove previous restrictions on the available ‘observation window’. This allows one to follow the entire reaction coordinate, from reactants through intermediates to products, in a single experiment and with ultrafast time resolution.1

The other key element to these experiments – the molecular beam of sample molecules – has received considerably less attention. However, with experiments moving to ever more complex systems this becomes increasingly important, as even under the rotationally-cold conditions of a supersonic expansion (bio)molecules often populate many different conformational states. I will show how strong electrostatic fields can be used to control neutral polar molecules and create ‘pure’ gas-phase samples.2 For small molecular systems, e.g. water, this allows the creation of single quantum-state samples,3 whilst for much larger samples such as peptides it enables the separation of different conformations (folding states).4 Combining these approaches – TRPEI and Stark control – will allow the investigation of the structure-function relationship on the level of single conformeric structures.

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