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Theme 2 colloquium: '2D soft robotic functions formed in liquid crystal polymer networks' (Lecture)

Tuesday 10 September 2019Add to my calendar
from 16:00
dr. Danqing Liu - TU Eindhoven

In the past decade, liquid-crystal network (LCN) technology has been used for theDanqing Liu development of soft actuators based on the controlled reversible changes of the order parameter of the oriented polymer network. Various deformations ranging from simply bending or curling to complex origami type of morphing are demonstrated to lift weights, mimic nature in shape and color, or transport materials. Herein, we propose the use of a liquid crystal network for soft robotics where the various molecular accessories are assembled in the two dimensions of a coating. For instance, the LCN surface deforms dynamically into a variety of pre-designed topographic patterns by means of various triggers, such as temperature, light and the input of electric field. These microscopic deformations exhibit macroscopic impact on, for instance, tribology, haptics, laminar mixing of fluids in microchannels and directed cell growth. Another robotic-relevant function we brought into the LCN coating is its capability to secret liquids under UV irradiation or by an AC field. This controlled release is associated with many potential applications, including lubrication, controlled adhesion, drug delivery, and agriculture, antifouling in marine and biomedical devices, personal care and cosmetics. With this we bring together a tool box to form two-dimensional soft robots designed to operate in area where man and machine come together.

Danqing Liu-colloquium

dr. Evan Spruijt/ dr. Peter Korevaar