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Theme 2 colloquium by dr. Daniël Blanco Ania & dr. Ernst van Eck (Lecture)

Tuesday 15 January 2019Add to my calendar
from 16:00
dr. Daniël Blanco Ania (Synthetic Organic Chemistry) & dr. Ernst van Eck (Physical Chemistry – Solid State NMR)

Daniel Blanco AniaOrganic Chemistry Applied to Crop Protection and Modification of Biomolecules  - Dr. Daniel Blanco Ania

This lecture presents two different applications of organic synthesis: (1) crop protection by synthesis of strigolactones analogues and (2) synthesis of trans-cyclooctenes via photochemistry in flow for the modification of biomolecules.Ernst van Eck

  1. Strigolactones (SLs) are signaling molecules for host recognition by parasitic plants. This activity can be used to protect the crops of millet, maize and sorghum via suicidal germination of their parasitic weeds. Unfortunately, the scarce availability of SLs and their structural complexity limit their applicability for the benefit of humankind and renders the synthesis of analogues and mimics with the same activity as the only solution to overcome this problem.
  1. Bioconjugation reactions enable the modification of biomolecules. These modifications have multiple functions such as helping to understand biology, enabling the assembly of molecular imaging agents in vivo to detect diseases and delivering drugs to targeted cells. The fastest bioconjugation reaction with most applications is the cycloaddition of trans-cyclooctenes (TCOs) and tetrazines. There are a few multiple-step routes to synthesize trans-cyclooctenes, but the photochemical isomerization of their cis-isomers is the most direct method. Thus, we present herewith a continuous flow method for isomerizing cis-cyclooctenes into TCOs in large scale.
dr. Evan Spruijt & dr. Peter Korevaar