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Theme 2 colloquium: 'Dynamic control of function by light-driven molecular switches and motors' (Lecture)

Tuesday 8 October 2019Add to my calendar
from 16:00
Sander Wezenberg (Leiden University)

Sander WezenbergStimuli-responsive molecular systems that mimic the highly complex and dynamic functions found in nature (e.g. allostericity, signalling, motion and transport) are receiving major interest and will form the basis of future nanomachines. In this context, molecular switches and motors that are activated by light are emerging as powerful tools to control the properties of materials as well as biological functions.[1]

In this presentation, synthetic systems in which control of motion at the molecular level is coupled to specific functions will be discussed. Particular focus is on the use of light-driven molecular switches and motors for the modulation of receptor-ligand interactions.[2] Finally, strategies to control the direction and speed of rotation will be discussed and furthermore, methods to red-shift the excitation wavelength of these molecular motors are illustrated.[3]

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dr. Evan Spruijt/ dr. Peter Korevaar