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Seminar: "Tuning the metallic state of nickelate thin films under epitaxial strain" (Lecture)

Tuesday 16 April 2019Add to my calendar
from 16:00
prof. Beatriz Noheda (fac. Science and Engineering, RUG)

Beatriz NohedaRare earth nickelates (ReNiO3) attract much attention within the condensed matter physics community because they display a metal-insulator transition that can be tuned both by the choice of rare earth element and by epitaxial strain. In addition, nickelates in the metallic state have been reported to behave as bad metals and to show strange metal characteristics similar to those of the cuprates. Interestingly, it has been theoretically predicted that in the absence of a metal-insulator transition, nickelates would present superconductivity and that this could be more robust than that in the cuprates. In this talk I will present our latest, still preliminary, work on the effect of strain and disorder in the metallic state of epitaxial nickelates.

dr. Ben Bryant