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Theme 2 colloquium by dr. Mani Diba (Radboud UMC): 'Engineering the dynamic behavior of hydrogels as extracellular matrix' (Lecture)

Tuesday 9 May 2023Add to my calendar
from 16:00
Dr. Mani Diba (RadboudUMC) | https://www.dibalab.org/team

Mani DibaHydrogels are an increasingly important class of biomaterials as they can mimic dynamic aspects of natural extracellular matrix. Bottom-up strategies offer superior control over hydrogel properties and open new routes to tune the dynamic behavior of these material systems. Nevertheless, such ability requires in-depth understanding of fundamental properties of these materials at multiple length scales. Our work has recently uncovered new insight into the biological impact of hydrogel dynamics at the molecular and network levels. This talk will discuss these findings and will highlight their significance for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine strategies.

This lecture is part of the IMM Theme 2 – Chemistry of Complex Systems – colloquium series, in which researchers from IMM Theme 2 as well as high-profile researchers from outside Radboud University present work that is of interest to scientists across chemistry, physics and biology. We aim for diversity in the selection of topics and researchers. These lectures take place on the second Tuesday of every month and are open to everyone in who is interested.

Looking forward to seeing many of you there!

dr. Evan Spruijt, dr. Peter Korevaar and dr. Wim Velema