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Theme 2 colloquium: 'Sweet Gut O' Mine – Dissecting Epithelial Glycosylation in the Intestinal System' (Lecture)

Tuesday 12 April 2022Add to my calendar
from 16:00
dr. Christian Büll (Biomolecular Chemistry)

Christian BüllGlycans are the most structurally diverse biomolecules found in nature. Every organ, tissue, and cell-type displays a unique glycome that serves the specific biological functions. A prime example for organ-specific glycosylation is the epithelium of the intestinal system that has specialized to house the gut microbiome. Epithelial glycans serve as adhesion sites and nutrients for the microbial community in the gut and they convey biological information that shapes the host-microbiome relationship. Alterations in epithelial glycosylation are linked to dysbiosis, inflammation, and cancer. We investigate how cell-type specific glycomes are regulated and how they contribute to the specific functions of the intestinal epithelium. Furthermore, our lab deciphers the biological information content of glycans and how it is read and interpreted by the microbiome and immune system. For this, we use cell-based glycan arrays, genetic glycoengineering, as well as 2D and 3D intestinal culture systems. Ultimately, these tools and insight into intestinal glycosylation will enable us to strengthen mutualistic host interactions with the microbiome and to restore dysbiosis.

Drinks and meet the speaker afterwards on Huygens 3rd floor!

prof. Wim Velema, dr. Evan Spruijt, dr. Peter Korevaar