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Science Café lecture on creating biological cells (Lecture)

Monday 17 December 2018Add to my calendar
from 20:00
Science Café - Irish Pub The Shamrock Nijmegen
prof. Wilhelm Huck (Physical Organic Chemistry) and dr. Christophe Danelon (TU Delft)

Building an autonomous, self-reproducing synthetic cell is a scientific challenge.

Wilhelm HuckPhysic-organic chemist Wilhelm Huck from Radboud University and biophysicist Christophe Danelon from Delft University of Technology will discuss the science of synthesising cell life. During the lecture, Huck will talk about his research and the steps needed to create a system from a network of biochemical reactions that we could call alive. Danelon will talk about his research on the practical construction of various essential cellular modules.
Christophe Danelon
The science café is in Irish Pub The Shamrock and starts at 20.00.

From 19.30 there is live music from Deltatune with visuals from Gammaray. Entrance is free.

The official language of this evening is English