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Seminar by Dr. Oleg Mukhanov (HYPRES, NY USA) (Lecture)

Monday 22 January 2018Add to my calendar
from 13:30
Prof. Alexey Kimel
dr. Oleg Mukhanov (HYPRES, NY USA)
“Superconducting circuits for classical and quantum information processing”

Superconducting single flux quantum (SFQ) circuits with their inherent low power, high speed, lossless interconnect have been already used for various high performance applications and projected to improve energy efficiency of classical high-end computers. The SFQ circuit properties are also appealing for the emerging scalable quantum computing systems which require a classical control layer to perform qubit readout, control, and error correction functions supporting low latency quantum operations. Furthermore, superconducting hybrid quantum-classical computing systems with classical superconducting co-processors are contemplated for future scalable quantum information processing systems. In SFQ circuits, digital “1” and “0” are represented by the presence and absence of single quantum of magnetic flux in a superconducting loop. These circuits were demonstrated to be operational at a hundred-GHz clock speed with a low device switching energy of the order of aJ/bit. The SFQ circuit fundamentals, examples of digital and mixed-signal circuits will be presented.  Unsolved technical challenges, such as a high capacity cryogenic random access memory will be discussed.