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Seminar: "Fast Bioorthogonal Chemistry: Discovery, Development and Recent Applications" (Lecture)

Wednesday 14 March 2018Add to my calendar
from 16:00

prof. Joseph FoxBioorthogonal reactions – chemical transformations that can proceed efficiently without interference from biological functionality – have had broad reaching implications for biomedicine and biotechnology. This seminar will describe the development and advancement of trans-cycloalkenes as tools for facilitating bioorthogonal labeling through reactions with s-tetrazines. Of the various click chemistries that have been pursued over the past decade, the tetrazine ligation enables the fastest reactivity. Described in this talk will be advances in computation and synthesis that have enabled the creation of coupling partners with rate constants that approach diffusion control. After an overview of recent applications of tetrazine ligation to chemical biology will be a detailed discussion of recent applications to the field of tissue engineering, and the description of a catalytically inducible version of the tetrazine ligation.  The seminar will also describe recent advances in the development of a new reaction of specialized trans-cyclooctene reagents that can be used to monitor oxidative stress in the cellular environment.

This lecture fits in the IMM Theme 2 Chemistry and Spectroscopy of Complex Molecular Systems colloquium series, in which researchers from IMM Theme 2 as well as high-profile researchers from outside Radboud University present work that is of interest to scientists across Theme 2. These lectures are open to everyone in who is interested.

dr. Kim Bonger