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Seminar: "MS based metabolomics in space and time: a data analyst point of view" (Lecture)

Wednesday 12 September 2018Add to my calendar
from 14:00
dr. Pietro Franceschi (Computational Biology Unit - Research and Innovation Centre, fondazione E. Mach, Italy)

dr. Pietro FranceschiMetabolomics aims at characterizing all the small molecules present in a biological system, providing a quantitative support to biological interpretation. From the data analyst point of view, metabolomics datasets are characterized by an high level of complexity because analytical and biological aspects cannot be easily disentangled. In addition, recent technological developments and the constant decrease of analytical costs have allowed to apply metabolomics to space/time resolved experiments, adding a further level of complexity to the overall picture. The aim of the talk is to discuss the peculiar properties of MS based metabolomics data, presenting some recent approaches we developed to analyze space and time resolved metabolomics experiments.

dr. Jeroen Jansen