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Seminar: "Scientific Publishing From the Inside Out" (Lecture)

Wednesday 23 May 2018Add to my calendar
from 16:00
Dr. P. Szuromi (Editor of Science)

Phil Szuromi will give a brief overview of the mission of AAAS and the Science family of journals. He will discuss how the review process works at Science, and how this has changed (and not changed) from the print to the internet era. Finally he will offer some thoughts on what we are look for in a submission to help potential authors gauge the suitability of a submission.

Phil Szuromi received his bachelor's degree in chemistry from Harvey Mudd College in 1980 and my PhD in chemistry from Caltech in 1985. His research at Caltech with Henry Weinberg focused on catalytic reactions of hydrocarbon molecules on platinum and iridium single crystals in ultrahigh vaccum.  He had a postdoctoral position with Ted Madey at NIST in Gaithersburg, MD, exploring Fischer-Tropsch reactions.  He came to Science in 1986, where he is now a Senior Editor. He currently handles the peer review and editing of original research papers in chemistry, physics, and materials science, but over the years he has also covered atmospheric science, biochemistry, and structural biology. He also works in the Insights section of the magazine, where he solicits and edits “Perspectives” pieces across a broad array of fields.  Although many of the Perspectives highlight recent research in Science, he also solicits pieces that cover papers in other journals, as well as topics that are less represented in our research papers, especially engineering and applied sciences.

Evan Spruijt and Peter Korevaar