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Farewell Symposium David Parker: Imaging Molecular Dynamics: a symposium in honor of prof. David H. Parker (Molecular and Laser Physics) (Symposium)

Friday 18 October 2019Add to my calendar
from 15:30
Huygens - HG00.307/ Street
Molecular and Laser Physics

During my science journey from the States to Nijmegen I have been fortunate in being able to carry out my own ideas in research and also to work together and become friends with leading scientists Dave Parker-DvA-159746along with the way. In this symposium marking my retirement, several of these friends will describe their present research and share their ideas of what lies ahead. I will join in at the end of the symposium with my own brief view of the present and future of our research in molecular dynamics processes, and reflect on our system in Nijmegen which made my journey such a great pleasure. David Parker

There will be no formal valedictory lecture at the Aula, instead the symposium will end with an informal lecture from prof. Parker, followed by a reception in the main hall of the Huygens Building.  Prof. Parker will attend the sIMMposium the following Monday-Tuesday 21-22 October and we hope you enjoy the reception on Friday even more by extending the opportunity for making contact with prof. Parker during the sIMMposium.

See the website for the total program and registration for the entire symposium.

This conference is sponsored by the Radboud University

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