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Seminar: "Chiroptical and photophysical properties of multifunctional molecules based on helicenes" (Lecture)

Thursday 31 January 2019Add to my calendar
from 16:00
HG 00.307
Prof. Jeanne Crassous (Institut des Sciences Chimiques, Université de Rennes, France)

prof. Jeanne CrassousOrtho-fused aromatic rings form helically shaped chiral molecules such as carbo[6]helicenes, that wind in a left-handed (M) or a right-handed (P) manner.1 The helical topology combined with extended p-conjugation provide helicenes with peculiar properties such as huge chiroptical properties and appealing photophysics such as for example circularly polarized luminescence (CPL), that make them interesting for applications in molecular materials (chiral OLEDs, chiroptical switches, …). The molecular engineering of helicenes using for instance organometallic and heteroaromatic chemistry offers a simple way to tune the chiroptical properties of these helically shaped p-ligand. I will present a set of representative examples that have interests for optoelectronic applications.2,3,4


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prof. Roeland Nolte