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Seminar: "On the metabolic challenge to dissipate energy" (Lecture)

Thursday 23 May 2019Add to my calendar
from 16:00
Prof. Matthias Heinemann (molecular systems biology, University of Groningen)

Matthias HeinemannSince decades, we know the topology of the chemical network that catalyzes the cellular metabolic reactions. However, we are just beginning to unravel the principles that functionally govern the operation of this highly complex network. We recently found that cells have biochemical mechanisms in place that can sense metabolic fluxes to control the activity in other metabolic pathways. Through model-based analyses of experimental data, we further found that cells aim to maximize their growth rate, while they do not exceed a certain upper limit in the rate at which they dissipate Gibbs energy. The existence of an upper limit of cellular entropy production can explain so far puzzling metabolic behaviors, such as aerobic fermentation. Furthermore, this limit triggers intriguing novel views on cellular functioning.

Drinks afterwards on Huygens 3rd floor!

dr. Peter Korevaar & dr. Evan Spruijt