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Seminar: "Post-transcriptional noise control: From phenotypic exploration to commitment" (Lecture)

Thursday 17 January 2019Add to my calendar
from 09:30
Mercator 1, 00.28
dr. Maike Hansen (Gladstone Institutes, San Francisco, USA)

Maike K. HansenGene expression is an example of a complex multistep cellular reaction, where variability in reaction outcome can convey distinct phenotypic properties. Results show that about 85% of genes across diverse promoters, genomic loci, and cell types (human and mouse) exhibit a high degree of rate-driven noise amplification. An additional cytoplasmic noise-amplification step leads to large variability in protein levels. This raises the important question of how efficient noise attenuation can be achieved, for example during human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) fate-commitment. Our data reveals that after a noise-driven event, HIV implements an efficient post-transcriptional negative-feedback which minimizes gene expression variability and stabilizes viral fate. My future research will focus on discerning key physical and organizational influencers of gene expression variability, which will allow us to accurately mimic and manipulate complex cellular systems.

dr. Peter Korevaar & dr. Evan Spruijt