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Lecture: From Smartphone to Green Phone? (Lecture)

Wednesday 12 February 2020Add to my calendar
19:30 to
Collegezalencomplex, Radboud Universiteit, Mercatorpad 1, Nijmegen
Alex Khajetoorians, Sietske Veenman and Berber Pas

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The smart technology used by our phones, internet, and even cars consumes much more energy than we realize. When Google serves you millions of search results in less than a second, that is not free. Green IT-technology could drastically lower this energy usage. Is this the solution? Or will new technology only stimulate more use of the internet and our phones? Come and learn from physicist Alexander Khajetoorians and social scientists Sietske Veenman and Berber Pas about the advantages and disadvantages of green IT.

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