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Online seminar by Dr. Dominik Kubicki: 'New approaches to solid-state NMR of advanced materials' (Lecture)

Tuesday 15 December 2020Add to my calendar
from 13:00
Dr. Dominik Kubicki, postdoctoral research associate at the Cavendish laboratory and Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge (UK)

The lecture will be divided into two parts: research and education.

Research lecture
Title: New approaches to solid-state NMR of advanced materials
Abstract: The Holy Grail of solid-state NMR is to combine high magnetic fields, which provide high spectral resolution, with efficient signal enhancing strategies, which can accelerate measurements by up to 5 orders of magnitude. In particular, the advances in Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) have recently allowed detection of high-resolution NMR data from picomoles of solids in Magic Angle Spinning (MAS) experiments. However, the DNP protocols used today are largely ineffective at the highest available magnetic fields.

I will discuss how the unique combination of pulsed THz radiation from FELIX with the high magnetic fields in HMFL can resolve this problem, thereby opening a new chapter in high-resolution solid-state NMR.

The capacity to study chemical transformations in solids in real time at the atomic level has been one of the driving forces in the development of in situ and operando MAS NMR methods for materials research during the past decades. Despite the particularly high relevance of photoactive optoelectronic materials today, little progress has been made in observing light-induced transformations in situ using MAS NMR.

I will use the example of halide perovskite photovoltaics to show that there is a crying need for atomic-level characterization of the optoelectronic materials that are being currently developed and on the verge of commercialization. I will discuss my take on studying them in situ and operando in the presence of light.

Finally, I will tie these prospects to my global vision of the IMM as the leader in high-resolution sensitivity-enhanced NMR at the highest available magnetic fields, pursuing timely materials research and engaging with the community at large by fostering collaborations and driving sustainability.

Teaching lecture
Title: Molecular Orbital Theory
Abstract: I will introduce the basic principles of the molecular orbital theory and show how to use it to predict molecular properties.

prof. Jana Roithova & prof. Arno Kentgens

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