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Online seminar by Dr. Tomas Orlando: ' Dynamic Nuclear Polarization: from Liquid State Dynamics to Solid/Liquid Interfaces' (Lecture)

Friday 18 December 2020Add to my calendar
from 13:00
Dr. Tomas Orlando (ESR SpectroscopyResearch Group, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Gottingen, Germany)

The lecture will be divided into two parts: research and education.

Dynamic Nuclear Polarization: from Liquid State Dynamics to Solid/Liquid Interfaces

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is capable to assess both structural and dynamical information with atomistic precision, but struggles with sensitivity issues. Dynamic Nuclear Polarization is a method to transfer spin polarization from electrons to nuclei, and then boost the NMR signal. DNP in liquids at room temperature is dominated by the Overhauser effect (OE) and strongly depends on the molecular dynamics of the target molecule/polarizing agent (PA) system as well as on the external magnetic field.

Hereby, we show that enhancements up to two orders of magnitude can be achieved in 13C-NMR up to 9.4 T. Those originate from a complex interplay of molecular motions on the picosecond timescale, as revealed by nuclear relaxation theory and supported by numerical calculations. The understanding of the polarization transfer mechanisms in both 1H-DNP and 13C-DNP is critical to maximize the DNP efficiency, and then expand the applicability of the method in NMR spectroscopy. The same mechanistic understanding allows for an unconventional use of DNP. Indeed, by measuring the macroscopic parameters related to the polarization transfer, DNP can be an effective tool for assessing dynamics down to the picosecond timescale, particularly at the liquid/solid interfaces, which are usually difficult to interrogate at a molecular level. A proper optimization of this novel methodology can enable new experiments in the biology of membranes, catalysis, and also open new perspectives in the design of sensing nanomaterials.

prof. Jana Roithova & prof. Arno Kentgens

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