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Save the Date for InnoBoot 2021: Food for health! (Presentation)

Thursday 22 April 2021Add to my calendar
13:00 to
online event

You are what you eat’ is a statement that originates from the year 1826 by Brillat-Savarin. However, for a long time the importance of food in relation to health and healthcare has received little attention (less than 40 hours in a medical training of 5 years!). This is slowly changing and the important relation between food, health and healthcare is receiving more and more attention.

With this renewed recognition there is much potential for research and innovation in this field. During this year's online InnoBoot event, we will focus on the future of food for health and healthcare. We do so together with researchers, entrepreneurs and other representatives from the healthcare and food sectors.

The programme will include two keynote speakers who will cover the subject both from a science and a business point of view. And two rounds of break-out sessions with pitches and ample room to discuss various topics, such as:

  • How do we stimulate people & patients to eat healthy?
  • What diet is best to prepare a patient for surgery?
  • What food and diet could slow down / prevent certain chronic diseases?
  • And of course, what exactly is healthy food in what situation?

You are cordially invited to join InnoBoot 2021 on 22 April 2021 in the afternoon!
More information will follow shortly, but registration is open already.

We are looking forward to e-meet you!

Team InnoBoot
BRISKR | Foodvalley NL | HAN | Radboud University | SMB

Good to know

The actual login links to the online sessions will be made available to registered guests on 21 April (the day before the event).

Presentations are in English and this online event is free. We welcome new guests, so please feel free to pass this invitation on to relevant people in your network!