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seminar by dr. Nicolo Maccaferri: ' Magnetoplasmonic metamaterials to control light-matter interactions at the nanoscale' (Lecture)

Thursday 18 March 2021Add to my calendar
from 16:00
dr. Nicolo Maccaferri (Université de Luxembourg, Luxembourg)

The increasing demand for affordable, low-energy and faster information processing and more dense data storage capabilities have been driving tremendous efforts towards novel ways of controlling simultaneously the electronic, optical and magnetic properties of matter at the nanoscale. By using the controllable amplitude and phase changes associated to the collective electromagnetic-induced electronic excitations known as plasmons, it is possible to reach an unprecedented and arbitrary manipulation of the light properties on sub-wavelength scales. In this framework, the interaction of light with magnetoplasmonic metamaterials, that is assemblies of magnetic nanostructures tailored from bulk materials, has revealed the emergence of novel magneto-optical phenomena, as well as a plenty of new possibilities to control the properties of plasmons using magnetic properties and vice versa. In this talk, we will introduce the audience to some of the main physical mechanisms underlying the linear optical and magneto-optical effects in magnetic nanostructures supporting localized plasmons, and showcase some recent results on how the electromagnetic near-field symmetry breaking in magnetoplasmonic nanomaterials or the use of nanostructured plasmonic metamaterials with tailored optical anisotropy can boost magneto-optical effects. Finally, we will show how such metamaterials can be used to achieve ultrafast all-optical control of light states and try to propose approaches where we combine magnetic and plasmonic materials to trigger coherent hybridization of photons and spins at the nanoscale towards the development of novel and low dissipative light-based technologies working at even higher speeds than electronics.

prof. A. Kirilyuk

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