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Seminar by Prof. Matthieu J Verstraete: 'Computing for Materials and Materials for Computing' (Lecture)

Tuesday 26 January 2021Add to my calendar
from 14:15
Prof. Matthieu J. Verstraeten (Professor of Physics, Université de Liège, Belgium)

Over the past 30 years a new type of science has developed: alongside experiment and pure theory, numerical physics is now a full and complementary pillar of scientific research. It allows us to investigate systems which are too complex for analytical solution, and to understand the data of increasingly intricate experiments in full detail. In Materials Science, first principles approaches have no adjustable parameters and can reliably predict the microscopic properties of almost any material known to man, but also of others which are yet to be synthesized. The exponential growth of computer power has led to corresponding gains in the accessible phase space of structural and chemical complexity, and can answer an ever greater number of experimentally and industrially useful questions, but with a correspondingly high energy bill for computation and data storage.

In this colloquium I will present my perspective on the contribution computational materials science can bring to its own salvation: discovering the next generation of active devices for low power information technology. I present recent work from my group along different cutting edge paths towards energy efficiency, and lay out the directions I will explore for novel physical interactions and future paradigms of neuromorphic and/or quantum computing.

prof. Alex Khajetoorians & prof. Misha Katsnelson

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