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Alumni lecture: 'Solid-State NMR Studies of Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage' (Lecture)

Thursday 10 March 2022Add to my calendar
19:30 to
youtube livestream
prof. Arno Kentgens (Magnetic Resonance Research Center)

In our quest to reduce our carbon footprint, ultimately to net zero emissions we face many technological and fundamental challenges in chemistry, physics, and materials science. Therefore, a multitude of research is taking place on new materials for energy conversion and storage. As the function of these materials relates to their structure and dynamics, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) has a relevant role to play in this research. During the past decades, solid-state NMR has emerged as a powerful tool to aid understanding of the working and failing mechanisms of energy storage materials and devices.

  1. In the last decade, interest in hybrid halide perovskite materials (ABX3) has skyrocketed due to their remarkable photoluminescent and photovoltaic properties. The exact function of these materials is still not well understood. Here NMR is particularly attractive as almost all isotopes that constitute the material are accessible to NMR analysis.
  2. All-solid-state lithium batteries are recognized as promising next generation energy storage techniques as they have the potential to provide higher energy density, assured safety, prolonged lifespan and easy processability. To realize them, high ion-conductive solid electrolytes must be developed. NMR is deployed to investigate Li+ dynamics in relation to the structure of the materials.
  3. Finally, we study rare earth oxyhydrides, such as YOxH(3-2x), that change color and transparency when irradiated with UV light. Although their optical properties have been studied extensively, the understanding of the relationship between photochromism, chemical composition, structure, and in particular the role of hydrogen, is limited.

The aim of this lecture is to introduce you to the information that NMR can provide on the basis of a number of examples relating to photovoltaic and electrochemical storage materials.


for registration link see the announcement on Radboud Recharge March 6, 2022