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Prof. Dr. Jan Troosterprize ceremony (Uitreiking)

Thursday 7 April 2022Add to my calendar
from 15:45

Gerrit JanssenThe Professor Jan Trooster prize will be awarded for the 38th time. Gerrit Janssen, technical engineer at the Magnetic Resonance Research Center, will be honored for his decisive contribution to the realization of the so-called rapid-melt DNP NMR.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is a powerful analytical technique that can be used to conduct a wide range of research, ranging from the study of the underlying processes of diseases, the discovery of new drugs or the development of new materials for energy storage and conversion. The problem of NMR is that it needs a lot of material to do successful analyses. With the rapid-melt DNP NMR approach it is possible to perform high sensitivity liquid-state NMR experiments of nanoliter sample quantities by first hyperpolarizing the sample in the solid state. It proves possible to melt the samples in only ~100 ms, so that the polarization of the sample is preserved. With the setup developed by Gerrit, proton signal gains up to a factor of 175 have been obtained! The development of the probe involved many complex technical challenges; the sample must be irradiated with microwaves in a frozen state (helium or nitrogen temperature), melted in a fraction of a second and shuttled over centimeters in a fragile capillary. Next, the NMR measurement must be performed at very high resolution (< 2 Hz) using a so-called stripline resonator for radio waves. Finally, all this must be repeatable hundreds to thousands of times to enable signal averaging and multidimensional NMR. This requires exceptional stability and reproducibility. In short, there were challenges in the areas of mechanics, cryogenics and radio and microwave technology. Gerrit’s technical tour de force delivered a stable measurement setup to analyze extremely small samples. It forms the basis for exploring new areas of research for many years to come.

You’re cordially invited for the festive award ceremony and reception. We will start at 15:45 with coffee/tea and cake.