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Seminar: 'Quantum excitations and forces explored by scanning probe methods' (Lecture)

Monday 31 January 2022Add to my calendar
from 12:15
Prof. Dr. Jörg Kröger (Technical University of Ilmenau, Institute of Physics, Germany)

Graphene on various surfaces serves as a model 2D-material to understand phonon spectroscopy with a scanning tunneling microscope.  The importance of the graphene hybridization with the substrate and the tip as well as of the phonon density of states is highlighted.  The talk further reveals that Yu-Shiba-Rusinov resonances can be used to signal the variation of magnetic exchange interaction between an atom-by-atom decomposed molecule with a superconductor.  The presentation is then devoted to atomic force microscopy:  Delamination of graphene from a surface is achieved by a tuned polar bond between a golden tip and a carbon atom of graphene; the force involved in the on-surface single-molecule metalation is discussed; the separation-dependent force evolution between a carbon monoxide terminating the microscope tip and the metalized molecule unravels prominent relaxations.

Alex Khajetoorians & Daniel Wegner

zoom link can be found in the invitation email sent on January 25.