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TCM Seminar: “Electron-electron interactions and superconductivity in twisted bilayer graphene and related materials” (Lecture)

Friday 29 April 2022Add to my calendar
from 15:30
Transitorium 00.012 (Toernooiveld 5)
dr. Francisco Guinea (MDEA Nanoscience Madrid, Spain)

The effect of electron-electron interactions in twisted bilayer graphene is enhanced by the narrowness of the central bands, and by the complexity of the electronic wavefunctions. The long range electrostatic interaction is the strongest coupling in twisted bilayer graphene. The way in which this interaction determines the phase diagram of twisted bilayer graphene will be discussed. Long wavelength charge fluctuations, modified by the Coulomb interaction, and also by longitudinal acoustic phonons, can lead to a net attraction, even at long distances, and contribute to the existence of superconductivity. Comparison between twisted bilayer graphene and other graphitic systems with narrow bands will also be presented.

If you are interested to join via Zoom, please contact us.

dr. Malte Rösner