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PhD defence Guoqiang Tang (Spectroscopy of Cold Molecules) (Uitreiking)

Tuesday 27 September 2022Add to my calendar
from 12:30
Aula, Comeniuslaan 2
Guoqiang Tang, MSc.

promotor: prof. Bas van de Meerakker

In my thesis, rotationally inelastic collisions between two molecules are studied with crossed molecular beam techniques. The study of molecular collisions is of great interest to scientists in the field of physical chemistry, because it offers exciting opportunities for the understanding of molecular interactions. Theorists have developed different sorts of scattering theories to describe the interactions between molecules, ranging from classical collision theory to quantum collision theory. To test the quality of the theory, experimentalists need to design and conduct high-resolution experiments for the probing of details in the collision outcomes. During an inelastic collision, kinetic energy can be transferred into rotation of the molecules, and vice versa. In order to fully resolve the rotational states of the colliding molecules, a combination of Stark deceleration and VMI technique is used. An exceptional experimental resolution obtained can give us the capability to investigate the molecular collision processes in details. It allows one to track how two molecules approach each other and then transform to final products, and to probe what interaction along the potential energy landscape dominates the scattering.