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IMM Graduate School

The Institute for Molecules and Materials (IMM) trains the next generation of leaders in science and entrepreneurship on a wide range of topics and methods, ranging from fundamental to industrially relevant, and from experimental to theoretical topics. PhD candidates are directly involved in IMM's multidisciplinary research and can make use of its unique research facilities.

The IMM office is open for any questions you may have regarding your PhD project or any other issues. It is located in HG03.071, and is open on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  The managing director is also the graduate school coordinator.  A nice little IMM present is waiting for you, so feel free to drop by!

Each IMM PhD candidate is part of the Graduate School for Molecules and Materials (GSMM). The GSMM provides an attractive and challenging environment for talented young researchers by offering a dedicated training program. The IMM education program is subdivided into three parts.


All IMM PhD candidates take part in the following courses:

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4 One of the courses from https://www.ru.nl/phd/:
  • Grant writing and presenting for funding committees
  • Een PhD en dan? (NL)
  • Career guidance for international PhD’s (EN)
Annually sIMMposium

IMM colloquium & Theme colloquia

Elective activities

You are free to choose activities for the elective part. In the TSP form some suggestions of categories are listed to choose from, e.g. attend the he IMM PhD days (organized by PPIMM), follow courses about your research topic (including master’s courses) or other personal development courses of Radboud University.


IMM is involved in the teaching activities of the Education Institute for Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy (WiNSt) and of the Education Institute for Molecular Sciences (MW). These provide both Bachelor’s and Master’s courses in physics, chemistry and other disciplines. For all PhD candidates it is mandatory to contribute to the teaching of undergraduate students during their stay at the institute. The nominal teaching load of PhD candidates within the faculty of science is 10%. This equals to around 160 hours of teaching per year. These hours consist of supervising internships of undergraduate students and assisting in courses. We expect each PhD student to spend around 400 hours in total on assisting with courses, the other hours are spent on supervising internship students.

Your role

The teaching activities for courses are scheduled by the ‘teaching coordinator’ within your research group or cluster. If you have any questions, you can contact them. Make sure you also discuss the distribution of the teaching load over the four years with your supervisor(s).

Curious about life as a PhD candidate at IMM?

Useful links:

PPIMM: PhD panel IMM
: the council for PhD candidates at the Radboud University
PNN: Promovendi Netwerk Nederland
PROBE: an informal structure of all FNWI institutes serving as a gateway between FNWI/RU bodies and PhD students.