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Scientific integrity

Scientific integrity is high on the agenda of universities these days. There is a perception that the number of scientific scandals is on the rise, that the image of science is getting under additional pressure because of this and that strict measures and procedures are needed. However: is this perception correct? Is scientific misconduct getting out of hand? Or are we just seeing more of something that has been going on for a long time? And how do scientists themselves understand and conceptualize concepts like ‘integrity’, ‘misconduct’, ‘good science’?


What is predatory publishing? Is text recycling acting with scientific integrity? What is necessary and sufficient to acquire authorship? These questions and others will be addressed in the IMM Scientific Integrity course. We will interactively discuss relevant issues in order to get some insights as scientific community and reflect about our own (daily) practices to identify or at least point out potential ‘blind spots’.

In short: participate in the IMM Integrity course and learn how to navigate through the scientific integrity landscape!

For Whom All PhD candidates in their 2nd year are expected to attend this course. All other IMM colleagues are warmly invited to join!
Study load 16 hrs
When To be announced
Course Leaders Vincent Coumans & Luca Consoli (Institute for Science in Society)
How to sign up Send an email to imm@ru.nl
Costs Participation is free of charge, however there is a no show fee

Quotes students Scientific Integrity Course
  • "It is stimulating to see that PhD candidates from IMM value integrity"
  • "It is good to at least once in your scientific career spend a few afternoons thinking and reflecting on scientific integrity matters, it will help our scientific community further"
  • "A good opportunity to rethink and reevaluate many aspects of the academic life"