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PhD Panel IMM

IMM has a PhD panel which includes IMM PhD candidates of all three themes: PhD panel IMM (PPIMM).

Interaction IMM PhD Candidates

PPIMM aims to increase the interaction between IMM PhD candidates. This panel will organise activities for and by PhD candidates like workshops, colloquia and/or a symposium. It is also a platform to discuss courses or issues that you encounter throughout your PhD.  The PhD representative is the head of this panel and has an advisory role for the board.

PPIMM team

PPIMM has seven team members: Kevin Venrooij (Synthetic Organic Chemistry) (chair),Jeroen van de Wiel (Physical Organic Chemistry), Saba Ghasemlou (Theoretical Chemistry), Niels van Mullekom (Scanning Probe Microscopy), Ruth Crothers (Physical Chemistry of Soft Matter) and Sandra Kleuskens (HFML High Field Magnet Laboratory).


Do you have input for the PhD representative on topics to discuss with the board? Or anything to discuss? Or do you want to participate in organising activities? Feel free to contact us.

Email PhD Panel IMM