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PhD Theses 2021

Muhammad Ali Abbas
Time-resolved mid-infrared dual-comb and Fourier transform spectroscopy for plasma diagnostics
Promotor: dr. F.J.M. Harren
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Mariana Ballottin
Optical properties of MoSe2 monolayers:  the role of the exciton-phonon interaction
Promotor:  prof. dr. P.C.M. Christianen
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Giuseppe Belletti
Solid state deracemization – Viedma ripening versus temperature cycling
Promotor: prof. dr. E. Vlieg en prof. dr. F.P.J.T. Rutjes
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Bence Bernáth
FEL-based THz spectroscopy in high magnetic fieldsTime-resolved mid-infrared dual-comb and Fourier
Promotor: prof. dr. P.C.M. Christianen
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Jan-Joris Eric Devogelaer
Co-crystal prediction using network science and machine learning
Promotor: prof. dr. E. Vlieg
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Hidde Elferink
Exploring Glycosyl Cations

Promotor: prof. dr. F.P.J.T. Rutjes
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Britta Helwig
From Enzymatic Reaction Networks Towards Synthetic Metabolic Pathways

Promotor: prof. dr. W.T.S.Huck
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Khalil Eslami Jahromi
Multi-Species trace gas detection based on broadband absorption spectroscopy utilizing mid-infrared supercontinuum sources: Application for fruit quality monitoring
Promotor: dr. F.J.M.  Harren
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Tim de Jongh
Probing the Resonance Regime in Low-Energy Molecular Collisions
Promotor: prof. dr. S.Y.T. van de Meerakker
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Umut Kamber

Electronic and Magnetic Characterization by Scanning Probe Microscopy: Frustrated Magnetism in Nd(0001) and the Electronic Structure of V2S3 Monolayers
Promotor: prof. dr. A.A. Khajetoorians
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Shauni Keller
Unravellng Bubble-Propelled Motion: Microfluidic Design of Soft, Self-Assembled Microgels for Autonomous Motion
Promotor: prof. dr. D. Wilson
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LI Guanqiao Li

THz Spintronics at Interfaces of Metals
Promotor: prof. dr. T.H.M. Rasing en prof. dr. A.V. Kimel
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Olga Lushchikova
The structure and reactivity of gas-phase copper clusters
Promotor: prof. dr. A.I. Kiriliouk
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Karina Nakashima
Chemistry of active coacervate droplets. Liquid droplets as a minimal model of life
Promotor: prof. dr. W.T.S.Huck
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Tim Offermans
Improved understanding from industrial production data with chemometrics
Promotor: prof. dr. L.M.C. Buydens
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Alexandros Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos A light scattering study of molecular assemblies in high magnetic fields Promotor: prof. dr. P.C.M. Christianen
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Aleksandr Pogodaev Molecular Engineering of Enzymatic Reaction Networks
Promotor: prof. dr. W.T.S.Huck
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Koen Tijssen Stripline NMR. A Tool for the Study of Chemical Reactions, Diffusion Processes and More
Promotor: prof. dr. A.P.M. Kentgens
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Jelle Toebes Investigation of Polymeric Assemblies towards Biodegradable Nanomotors
Promotor: prof. dr. A. Wilson
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Mahesh A. Vibhute Reconstituting living cells: Mobility, reactivity, and asymmetry in cytomimetic crowded protocells
Promotor: prof. dr. W.T.S.Huck
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Ying Zhang
Polyisocyanide hydrogels for modulating epithelial morphogenesis
Promotor: dr. P.H.J. Kouwer en dr. P.N. Span
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