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PhD Theses 2022

Sjors Bakels
From peptide to aggregate - Advances in infrared action spectroscopy
Promotor: prof. Jos Oomens

Maarten Berben
Power-law behaviour in the magnetoresistance of strange metals
Promotor: prof. Nigel Hussey

Matthieu Besemer
Understanding Intricate Phenomena In Molecular Collisions
Promotoren: Prof. Bas van de Meerakker, Prof. Gerrit Groenenboom, prof. Ad van der Avoird

Erik van Buijtenen

Towards multiomic single-cell analysis of immune cells
Promotor:  prof. Wilhelm Huck

Wen Chen

Mechanics and Functionalities of Stimuli-responsive Hydrogels
Promotor: prof. Paul Kouwer

Maarten van Eerden
Ultra-Thin Gallium Arsenide Solar Cells: Light Trapping, Photon Recycling and the Franz-Keldysh Effect
Promotor: prof. Elias Vlieg
Giammarco Fabiani
Quantum dynamics of 2D antiferromagnets: predictions from theory and machine learning
Promotor :Theo Rasing
Fabio Formisano
THz Spin and Lattice dynamics in Antiferromagnets: A kaleidoscopic journey
Promotor: prof. Alexey Kimel
Pieter Gilissen
Molecular motor-functionalized porphyrin cages and related compounds
Promotoren: prof. Roeland Nolte and dr. Hans Elemans
Kirill Grishunin
THz-control of antiferromagnetic spins
Promotor: prof. Alexey Kimel
Tzu-Chao Hung
High-precision scanning probe microscopy at low temperatures: atomically resolving and manipulating non-collinear magnetism, molecular fluorescence and artificial atoms
Promotor: prof. Alex Khajetoorians
Askar Iliasov
Electrons roaming in fractional dimensions
Promotoren: prof. Misha Katsnelson, prof. Shengyun Yuan
Elze Knol
Individual atoms at the surface of black phosphorus: probing screening, doping and creating neural networks
Promotor: prof. Alex Khajetoorians
Roel Maas
A microfluidic approach for forward design of modular cell-free genetic networks
Promotor: prof. Wilhelm Huck
Andrea Marchese
Electron cyclotron resonance in plasmas using intense THz radiation
Promotor: prof. Peter Christianen
Jona Merx
Epigenetics & Biomarkers. Exploring Modifications of Histone Tail Peptides & Novel biomarker discovery with Infrared Ion Spectroscopy
Promotor: prof. Floris Rutjes
Kshiti Mishra
Towards nanoscale confinement of All-Optical Magnetization Switching
Promotoren: prof. Andrei Kirilyuk, prof. Alexei Kimel, prof. Theo Rasing
Sam Moons
Altering the glycome using sialomimetics
Promotor: prof. Floris Rutjes
Julianna Palotás
infrared spectroscopy of ionized fullerene derivatives: The astrophysical implications of breaking symmetries
Promotor: prof. Jos Oomens
Johan Pijnenborg 
Development of substrate based inhibitors targeting human glycosylation
Promotor: prof. Floris Rutjes
Sjoerd Rijpkema
Design and Application of Polymersome Nanoreactors
Promotor: prof. Daniela Wilson
Mark Schoot
NIR calibration for industrial applications
Promotoren: dr. Jeroen Jansen & prof. Lutgarde Buydens
Jiawei Sun
Bioinspired polymeric vesicles towards Nanomedicine: from Polymersomes to Nanomotors
Promotor: prof. Daniela Wilson
Guoqiang Tang
Controlled Molecule-molecule Inelastic Collisions
Promotor: prof. Bas van de Meerakker
Fleur van Zelst

Hyphenation of supercritical fluid chromatography and NMR
Promotor: prof. Arno Kentgens