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Interviews: meet the person behind the researcher

Within our institute scientists perform state of the art & innovative research in the fields of chemistry and physics. But who is the person behind the researcher? What is his/her drive and passion for science and research? And what has been the path to his/her current job?

Read it in the IMM interview series:

Kim Bonger: "There is still much unknown about how exactly a cell works” Sandra Brünken: 'I can see in the laboratory what is happening in space’ Herma Cuppen: "Computational chemist with a practical mind" Bas van de Meerakker: "We are doing chemistry with only two molecules" Willem Velema’s passion for the combination of fundamental and applied science

Maike Hansen's fascination to understand why extremely complex cells function acurately Nadine Hauptman is open to big questions: what is the role of electron correlations in 2D materials? Malte Rosner: "I like to be puzzled - this is where the fun starts!" Daniel Horke: "In my research I have the best of both worlds: using physics tools to watch chemistry in action" Jeroen Jansen: ‘I use chemical data to gain sustainability’

Jolijn Onvlee Daria Galimberti Johan Mentink Dennis Löwik tijs karman