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FELIX Laboratory

The FELIX Laboratory exploits several intense pulsed (far) infrared free electron lasers that can be precisely tuned in wavelength, energy and pulsing time. The four lasers FELIX-1, FELIX-2, FELICE and FLARE each produce their own range of wavelengths and together, they provide a tuning range between 3 and 1500 µm. The facility provides the worlds most complete coverage of this spectrum and is used in a broad range of fundamental research. From exploring the limits of fibre optics networks to determining the interactions of biological molecules. The lasers can also be combined with the magnets at HFML. It is the only facility in the world that offers scientists the possibility to study matter in these conditions.

The FELIX Laboratory is under supervision of dr. Britta Redlich (director), prof. Andrei Kirilyuk and prof. Jos Oomens. For more information please contact dr. Britta Redlich.. For more information please contact dr. Britta Redlich.

Felix building  Felix laserpark

Researchers at FELIX