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High Field Magnet Laboratory (HFML)

The HFML is one of the few facilities with continuous high magnetic fields worldwide. Continuous field strengths of up to 37.5 tesla are possible. Also, a hybrid magnet with both superconducting and conventional electromagnets is being constructed. This will pave the way for a 45 tesla magnetic field in 2017. In these high field magnets surprising material properties come to light. Scientists use the HFML to study materials like graphene, that could one day revolutionise electronics. The facility is also coupled to the lasers of the FELIX Laboratory, and is the only place in the world where scientists can study matter under these conditions.

The HFML is under supervision of  prof. Peter Christianen (director), prof. Nigel Hussey & prof. Uli Zeitler. For more information please contact the user program coordinator Martin van Breukelen 

- Promotion film on various research opportunities at HFML and FELIX  

  HFML  HFML magnet

Researchers at HFML: