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Life Science Trace Gas Facility

The Life Science Trace Gas Facility operates a variety of state-of-the-art trace gas detectors that allow real time (at the second scale) measurements with detection levels at or below parts per billion volume level. The infrastructure is equipped for gases like ethylene, methane, nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide, aldehydes, alcohols, ketones, acids, and many more. The experiments offer high temporal and spatial resolution, so that fast reactions of biological material become directly observable. The Life Science Trace Gas Facility is under supervision of dr. Frans Harren, he can be contacted for more information.

  Trace Gas Facility Lab   Trace Gas Facility Lab

- Research dr. Simona Cristescu

Researchers at Life Sciense Trace Gas Facility:

Simona Cristescu-DvA-159773
dr. Simoa Cristescu
Analytical Chemistry & Chemometrics / Trace Gas Facility
Frans Harren-DvA-159770
dr. Frans Harren
Analytical Chemistry & Chemometrics /Trace Gas Facility