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Magnetic Resonance Research Center

The Magnetic Resonance Research Center operates as “solid-state NMR facility for advanced materials research” that is an integral part of the distributed uNMR-NL ROADMAP infrastructure. Located in the Goudsmit Pavilion, the laboratory houses eight NMR spectrometers for both liquid- and solid-state NMR research up to 850 MHz.

Goudsmit Paviljon  NMR Magnet

We focus on the development of novel methods to optimize the sensitivity and information content of NMR spectra and apply these methodologies to gain deeper insight in the structure and dynamics of molecules and materials. Applications are particularly geared at unraveling complex mixtures in the liquid state, whereas in the solid state, we investigate phase composition, chemical structure, conformation and dynamics in relation to the functional behavior of energy materials (batteries and solar cells), catalysts and polymers.

The Magnetic Resonance Research Center is under supervision of prof. Arno Kentgens, he can be contacted for more information.

Researchers at NMR Laboratory: