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SPiN Labs

The IMM hosts, under the supervision the SPM department, a cluster of cutting-edge labs we call the SPiN labs (Scanning Probe in Nijmegen). The SPM department houses a broad range of instruments including scanning tunneling microscopes (STM) and atomic force microscopes (AFM), operating from ambient conditions down to the milliKelvin regime. The most recently constructed STILL lab facility, one of the quietest labs in the Netherlands, is situated three floors underground and is optimized for ultra-high precision measurements in large magnetic fields. It houses one of the highest resolution STMs in Europe, and is capable of vector-field magnetic characterization, including spin-polarized STM. Our microscopes are integrated in an ultra-high vacuum system allowing for in-situ sample preparation (e.g. MBE, CVD). All instruments in the SPIN labs are customized or home-built, based on strong in-house expertise in scanning probe technology, including multiple instruments capable of cryogenic operation, single-atom manipulation, and magnetic field-based measurements. These instruments are used to investigate structural, electronic and magnetic properties down to the single-atom level.

The SPiN labs are under supervision of prof. Alexander Khajetoorians, he can be contacted for more information.

SPiN Lab 1   SPiN Lab 2

Researchers at SPiN Labs: