Analytical Chemistry & Chemometrics

Research at the Analytical Chemistry & Chemometrics group focuses on data analysis, which we call chemometrics. More formally: chemometrics is the discipline within chemistry that develops methods to obtain relevant information from chemical data.

The Analytical Chemistry & Chemometrics group participates in theme 2 of the Institute of Molecules and Materials (IMM), an interdisciplinary research institute in chemistry and physics at Radboud University.


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Life Science Trace Detection Laboratory

Research of TD Lab focuses on reliable detection and quantification of volatile compounds in complex gas mixtures.

Thursday June 15: Workshop AI for Smart Industry

During this workshop, three different AI REGIO experiments (case studies) will be presented. The first two led by Radboud University will focus on a) AI-based process control and optimization of district heating (in collaboration with ARMAC BV and Stadsverwarming Purmerend (SVP)), and b) AI-based quality control system (in collaboration with Royal Eijkelkamp BV). Finally, Machine2Learn will present their case study in the project. Beyond these case studies, we will also share insights from these projects, achievements, and how these benefit the SMEs in our region.
The workshop will be live and followed by a short reception.

8th PAT award for dr. Sin Yong Teng

During the EuroPact 2023 conference in Copenhagen, dr. Sin Yong Teng received the 8th Process Analytics Award for young Scientists for his outstanding publication in the field of Process Analytics: 'Machine-learned digital phase switch for sustainable chemical products' (Journal of Cleaner Production, 382(2023)135168).