The department of Analytical Chemistry & Chemometrics offers various Bachelor and Master courses, as well as incidental courses.

  • Bachelor Courses

- Statistics (NWI-MOL028)
- Data: Programming and Statistics (NWI-MOL150)
- Chemometrics (NWI-MOL065)
- Chemometrics for Molecular Life Sciences (MOL109)
- RNA Structure and Function (NWI-MOL107)
- Spectroscopy Project (NWI-MOL051)

- Bachelor internships

  • Master Courses

- Pattern Recognition (NWI-SM299)
- Omics (NWI-MOL410)
- Chemometrics II (NWI-SM103A)
- Industrial Chemistry (NWI-MOL419)
- Handheld Spectroscopy (NWI-MOL420)

Master internships

  • Incidental Courses

- IMM courses
- ANAC courses

See FNWI study prospectus for the most recent information about our courses.

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