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Fighting the fire with Chemometrics

Supervisor: Andrea Carnoli, MSc

The Total Safety Solution: “strong together, safe together”

Fire is dangerous and when it goes out of control, only firefighters can face and suppress it assuring in the meanwhile the safety of people and animals. It is not possible to survive a fireground operation without specific mental and physical skills obtained from years of training. Not everyone can be a firefighter, but we can help them. How? With Chemometrics!

The project you will take part in is called Total Safety Solutionand has one purpose: help firefighters in their job by improving their safety during the fireground operation and even when they go back home and take their uniform off. This will be possible thanks to the collaboration with Teijin, firefighters themselves and to the multivariate analysis of chemicals data.

The internship: Evaluation of firefighters ‘suit contamination

Background Information
Part of the project is the evaluation of the suit contamination caused by the fire and the smoke. It is well known that combustion produce several toxic compounds which can be adsorbed by the tissue of the firefighters’ protective suit.  Of course decontamination/washing procedures exists, but there is no information about their effectiveness. Consequently, it is possible that harmful compounds remain stuck in the textile and in time are able to reach the skin of the professional and being adsorbed, leading to harmful outcomes.

What you will work on
Part of the TSS project is the filling of this gasp and the development of an analytical non-destructive method for the evaluation of the firefighters’ suit pollution. This will be done with multiple fire-controlled experiments with and without the involvement of real firefighters and analyzing the results obtained. If you decide to take an internship on this topic, your role will be decided in relation to your interest and to the status of the project.

It is possible to be part of the multivariate design of the experiment, where we will build a model of that test taking into account all the factors involved, or in the analysis of the dataset obtained. Due to the nested nature of these two topics it will be also possible to work on both of them.