Workshop: AI for Smart Industry

Logo AI RegioThe Analytical Chemistry & Chemometrics group has a significant history of collaborating with the industry in the development and application of IT and applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the growth of the European industry. Since 2020, we participate in the 'AI REGIO' project, a European collaboration with OOST-NL (BOOST). AI-Regio aims to promote the industrial application of AI in multiple European regions by developing Digital Innovation Hubs, Didactic factories, example experiments, and standardization.

During this workshop, three different AI REGIO experiments (case studies) will be presented. The first two led by Radboud University will focus on a) AI-based process control and optimization of district heating (in collaboration with ARMAC BV and Stadsverwarming Purmerend (SVP)), and b) AI-based quality control system (in collaboration with Royal Eijkelkamp BV). Finally, Machine2Learn will present automated quality inspection of solar panels performed in collaboration with Exasun BV.

Beyond these case studies, we will also share insights from these projects, achievements, and how these benefit the SMEs in our region. The workshop will be live and followed by a short reception.

Program Workshop AI for Smart Industry
Thursday June 15, 2023
Room HG00.539 (Huygens Building, Radboud University)

15:00 - 15:05 hrs. Neha Awasthi (RU): Welcome & Introduction to AI REGIO
15:05 - 15:20 hrs. Francisco Souza (RU): SKU Experiment I, AI for predictive maintenance of soil sensors with Royal Eijkelkamp
15:20 - 15:25 hrs. Gerard Ista (Royal Eijkelkamp BV): AI for predictive maintenance of soil sensors
15:25 - 15:40 hrs. Ali Bahramisharif (Machine2Learn):  Automated quality inspection of solar panels
15:40 - 16:00 hrs. Coffee break
16:00 - 16:15 hrs. Francisco Souza (RU):  SKU Experiment II, AI for district heating company with SVP/Armac
16:15 - 16:20 hrs. Roland Geurts (ARMAC BV): AI for district heating company
16:25 - Closing remarks and drinks
If you have any questions, please contact dr. Neha Awasthi 

Visitor information: Room HG00.539 is located on the ground floor of the Huygens building. Parking is available in the basement of the Huygens building. We can provide parking tickets if required.